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Welcome to the Town of
, Hiroshima

Tōjō is a town located in the northeastern end of Hiroshima Prefecture. It was a part of Hiba District but was merged into city of Shōbara on March 31, 2005.

  • Area:
  • 304.92 km2
  • E. Long.:
  • 133o 16'23"
  • N. Lat.:
  • 34o 53'36"
  • Above Sea Level:
  • 315.4 m
  • Normal Ave. Temp.:
  • 13.4 Co / 56.12 Fo

    flower of the town : kobushi
    Official Flower of the former Town
    kobushi (Magnolia kobus)
    tree of the town : yamamomiji
    Official Tree of the former Town
    yama-momiji (mountain maple)

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